Introductory Rate – July 2013

Please help us welcome to our team of Massage Therapist.

Elias and Brian are recent graduates of Cortiva Massage School.  Elias is also helping out with the FD with Administration work.  Both Elias and Brian were graduates of the 1000 hour program at Cortiva. 

Emily is a recent graduate of the NW Academy for the Healing Arts and lives in West Seattle.   She’s working towards here Pregnancy Certification.  She recently moved from Oregon.

Alison is a 2012 graduate of Cortiva Massage School and comes to us from Monroe Therapeutics where she’s worked for just under one year.  She also lives in West Seattle.  Alison is fully credentialed with most private health insurance and has her Pediatric Massage Certification (CPMT) as well.  

Tom Yang is studying at Bastyr to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  He is currently doing his clinical studies at the Bastry Clinic this summer.  He’s with us only one day a week as a massage therapist at this time.

To learn more about our therapists, click on the therapists menu item above.

Please enjoy the Introductory Rate of $75.00 for 90 Minutes.  This rate will most likely be available till the end of July.  As we get them credentialed with the private health insurance companies.



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