Pre-Pay 6 Massages

Pre-pay your massages and save off our normal prices. When booking your massage, choose the pre-paid massage duration you purchased on the appointment listing.  Two options available below.

50 Minute Massage $450
80 Minute Massage $660

Wellness Membership Program

Our Wellness Membership Program allows for you to get up to 4 massages a month at $49.00 per massage, non-transferable nor do they carry over to the next month. You have an option of purchasing the membership with an auto-pay of $35 a month. Or you can save by purchasing the membership with a one time fee of $360 (savings of $60.00). Both plans will auto-renew.

50 Minute Massage Options
$35 per Month
$360 Annually

80 Minute Massage Options
$50 per Month
$540 Annually

Gift Certificates Available 


Cancellation Policy of Pre-paid Packages and Memberships

If you purchase any of our pre-paid packages or memberships, you are receiving a discount for advance purchase of our services.  M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic does not expire your pre-paid services.
If you need to cancel, the policy is to refund the unused portion less the full rate of the services used, plus a $10.00 handling charge. For example, if you purchase the 6 pack 50 minute massage at $450.00.  You use two massages and have 4 left.  The two massages would be valued at $90.00 plus $10 handling charge.  Therefore, $450.00 pre-paid less $180.00 used and $10.00 handling charge would be a refund of $260.00.
If you have any questions, please contact our front desk for assistance.