Pre-Pay 6 Massages

Pre-pay your massages and save off our normal prices. When booking your massage, choose the pre-paid massage duration you purchased on the appointment listing.  Two options available below.

50 Minute Massage $420.  Buy Online Now!
80 Minute Massages $600.  Buy Online Now!

Wellness Membership Program

Our Wellness Membership Program allows for you to get up to 4 massages a month at $49.00 per massage, non-transferable nor do they carry over to the next month. You have an option of purchasing the membership with an auto-pay of $30.00 a month. Or you can save by purchasing the membership with a one time fee of $300.00 (savings of $60.00). Both plans will auto-renew.

50 Minute Massage Options
$30.00 per Month Option – Buy Online Now!
$300 Annually – Buy Online Now!

 80 Minute Massage Options
$40.00 per Month Option – Buy Online Now!
$400.00 Annually- Buy Online Now!

Gift Certificates Available

All gift certificates can be purchased online through our online appointment system. You can type in a personal note and the recipient will receive a PDF of the gift certificate.

Purchase Online now

Please Note: You have many different styles to choose from for the gift card PDF. We also recommend that if you are giving it as a gift and want to hand deliver, use your own personal email as the recipient’s email address. This way you can print it out yourself on nice card stock and give it too them in something creative. All we need is the Gift Card number. Be Creative!

Cancellation Policy of Pre-paid Packages and Memberships

If you purchase any of our pre-paid packages or memberships, you are receiving a discount for advance purchase of our services.  M3 Bodyworks Massage Clinic does not expire your pre-paid services.
If you need to cancel, the policy is to refund the unused portion less the full rate of the services used, plus a $10.00 handling charge. For example, if you purchase the 5 pack 60 minute massage at $420.00.  You use two massages and have 4 left.  The two massages would be valued at $90.00 plus $10 handling charge.  Therefore, $420.00 pre-paid less $180.00 used and $10.00 handling charge would be a refund of $230.00.
If you have any questions, please contact our front desk for assistance.